Monday, April 18

El Salvadoran Sunday

This Sunday we had some fun and went to an El Salvadoran restaurant! It's a small family run place called Acajutla we discovered many years ago when my parents when to El Salvador on a missions trip with our church. They built a church there, which is also the towns school, and a few years later some of our dearest family friends moved there as permanent missionaries! I personally have never been to the country, but I would like to! Every once in awhile we get our pupusa cravings, and Nick had never been, so it was time to go!

Pupusa's are eaten with some pickled cabbage on top ( I think that's what it is!) and some spicy tomato sauce. Nick has tried Pupusa's once before, at the Edmonton Heritage Festival, but there's nothing like the whole experience: we drank Tamarindo's (Almost like an iced tea made with Tamarind fruit) and Cola Champagne, and we finished off the feast with some delicious fried Plantains!
It's almost like a tiny vacation to another country when you get to go to such an authentic restaurant and dive into their food. The real trick is knowing what to order, so you've been informed!

This is my new ThreadSence dress I got in the mail a week or so ago, it is not as pretty on me as on the model and I had to give it a little hem because it wasn't hitting me where I wanted it to, but I'm pretty happy with it now. I'll get some better pictures of it next time I wear it! I went all purple with my accessories, and my shoes and flower bracelet are from my London trip!

Anyway, time to go out an find yourselves an El Salvadorian Restaurant and give pupusa's a try!


  1. This entry has been my favourite so far!
    And I best get me to a El Salvadorian Restaurant, looks delish!

  2. @ Evy,
    Thanks Cuz! Good to know you're following! And yes, super delish!

  3. I still have no idea what "a place of sea turtles and sugar cane" has to do with El Salvadorean cuisine, but it was still amazing food. We'll definitely have to go again.

  4. @ Nick
    Obviously sea turtles and sugar cane must be prevalent in El Salvador, duhh!

  5. That place looks awesome! You all look like you had a really great time and the food looks delicious!

  6. @ Amy
    It is awesome! Did we ever take you for pupusa's? I feel like we did!

  7. Yum! My mouth is literally watering.

    My grandmother is from Puerto Rico so we grew up eating plantains. I will have to try pupusas next!

  8. @ ihearkiwi
    You definitely will! I've heard you can find them at Guatemalan restaurants as well, but El Salvadorians will say they are not the real thing!

  9. @ Morgan
    It's always a great time, but even more so when you're bringing someone else along who's never had the pleasure. ;)


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