Monday, April 18

Chop Suey: Musical Monday

Welcome to a brand new week! A week that will be full of warm weather and greening grass if all goes right.

The view out my front window at home is a bit troubling at the moment; on one side of the street brown and green grass is peaking out from each consecutive lawn, the snow dutifully receding, but on the opposite side of the street, where the shadows remain long, the snow is still two feet high and blanketing every inch of lawn. It's strange to turn right and see spring, and look left and see chilly mid winter.

In any case, I'm happy to share some lovely music with you today and hope with you for some spring weather.

A special treat: I've included an acoustic cover of System of a Downs "Chop Suey" A definite delight. Check out the original here if you haven't heard it. I'm usually a folk/acoustic/alternative music lover but there's always been something about SOAD that I love. I'm going to blame it completely on Serj Tankians brilliance, and that face he makes when he's singing, he bounces slightly and puts his hands up with the most rapturous look on his face. I've never seen anyone so content on stage before. It's mesmerizing! A good example of what I mean here.

Anyway, Enjoy!

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  1. Guess what? I heard that single by Awolnation on the radio again. Only this time it was on Sonic, and not Sirius satellite radio! Exciting!


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