Thursday, April 21

Better With Ice Cream

Winners trench, Urban pashmina, Hue jeggings, Urban Outfitters bag and glasses and American Eagle boots.
If you're like me and Mr. Nick, you probably love license plates. We glean much amusement from reading license plates and either making up words with the letters, or trying to figure out what kind of person is attached to a certain vanity plate. We have many times discussed what Mr. Nicks ultimate vanity plate would say. We decided on SUITUP. Because it would be made of awesome.

The other night he and I went for a walk (yay spring time finally showing up!) and everyone knows that walks are better with ice cream. So off we went to our local Marble Slab and on they way we spotted this terrific old car with a genuine painting on the trunk to match the vanity plate! Until that moment I had only seen old Hippy vans with paintings on them, so this was a first. I think, if I had an old and slightly unattractive car, i would paint something on it.

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Anyway, we did make it to the Marble Slab and very much enjoyed our sweet cream ice cream with caramel and raspberries. That combination happens to be my very favorite... except I prefer it with rum ice cream for a little bit of boozy bite. ;)

What are your favorite ice cream treats?

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  1. SUITUP... I like it :P Sounds like good ice cream indeed! I wish the Marble Slab down here was as close as the one by your house! :(


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