Friday, April 8

April 7th 2011

Dress-Dynamite, Tights- Gift
See, I do own shoes other than my brown boots! After the color boost that was yesterday I felt like going darker today and low and behold I own a lot of black. I decided to go monochrome, with a pop of color provided by the shoes. So silver, black, white, and blue!
Ring- breast cancer support ring from Avon, Shoes- American Eagle via The Shoe Warehouse
 Mr. Nick was having a boys night out so I was forced to break out the tripod and take my own photos for the first time ever! It was exremely frustrating, trying to get myself framed and in focus. How do all you talented women manage it? There must be something I'm missing. Half the time I was out of focus and the other half of the time something was cut off, whether it be my feet or my head.
Necklace- I don't remember!, Floppy Hat- The Bay
I've been wanting to try the floppy hat trend for a very long time! When I was younger, I didn't think I could pull of any kind of hat because of how big my hair was. Thankfully, Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky showed me curly haired girls could still rock a hat. She definitely inspired me to go out and buy this one. I tried on many many hats until Mr. Nick grabbed this one saying "Look, this one has a bow!" (except he didn't say that as much as I said that. He was more terse about the whole thing) Which he knew would please me. And it did. I'm a sucker for bows.


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