Thursday, April 7

April 6th 2011

Le Chateau shrug, American Eagle boots

Yesterday I was deeply and desperately desiring springtime. As you can see in the background of these photo's-- spring time looks a bit differently in Edmonton than it does in most habitable places. I am so jealous of all the beautiful spring flowers popping up on some of the other blogs.

Urban Outfitters bag, Joe Fresh skirt, can't remember where I got those glasses!

Anyway, I wanted to work some bright spring colors into my work outfit so I went with this colorful shirt I just picked up over the weekend for $5 at Army and Navy! The color just makes me so very happy I couldn't resist!

Vintage belt, Old Navy necklace

I paired it with this bright necklace in contrasting/complimentary colors to give my outfit some extra fun! I chose a brown belt to go with my brown boots, which are fast becoming my winter/spring staple. The skirt is from Joe Fresh and is super comfy! It was the first high-waisted skirt I ever bought because when high-waisted became cool, I didn't think I could wear it due to my body shape. This one works well though because of the wrap around drape! It does pick up an awful lot of lint though...

Mr. Nick makes an appearance!
Speaking of Mr.Nick, today marks the two month mark until our two year anniversary! I still don't know how we're going to celebrate, I would love to go somewhere with him but we're both a little short on cashy money! Last year we went to Banff and it was wonderful. Any suggestions? How do you guys make your anniversaries special?

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  1. You should take 2 days and make one special for the person in question aka: Nick takes a day to do/book special romantic stuff for you and surprises you, and you do the same for him the following day... if that makes sense. Essentially it's a 2 day anniversary, which Jerrad and I have all the time because ours is technically 2 days long ;)


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