Wednesday, March 30

Somewhere Out There

I've been reading on different blogs lately, a lot about packing for vacation! Considering my work schedule I don't think I'll be getting away any time soon but a girl can dream. I certainly miss the days when I could hand in a request day off slip and magically be on my way to a different place. Sadly, working in the real world means taking actual vacation days which makes everything more complicated. Ah well, someday soon I hope to be jetting off to somewhere beautiful. Hopefully later this summer!
Anyway, here are my packing tips!

When packing for a vacation I always bring my comfy polka dot jersey dress. It doesn't look quite like the one I chose on Polyvore, but you get the idea. It's versatile, it's adorable and most of all It's fantastic for those travel days when you're in the car for 12 hours. 

I also have learned, especially when jetting off to Europe, that a rain jacket is an essential. Something cute is nice too. When I went to London a couple years ago I ended up taking my Mum's rain jacket -- handy, but not exactly fashionable. Along with a water-proof jacket I would suggest water proof boots. Just in case. 

It's important to always think in layers, here I chose a couple of cute short sleeve tops that will be great in warm weather, but also a comfy sweater for when it gets chilly. As well as shorts, always bring long pants even if you don't expect to wear them! Remember that rain I mentioned?

I'm a recent hat convert, until a few months ago I thought that having extremely curly hair meant I wouldn't look good in a hat, luckily Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky showed me a girl with curls can still rock an adorable topper like this one. 

Another essential? A time piece. I don't carry my cell phone when I travel because of roaming charges, so it's doubly important I have a watch with me!

Here's an example of some of the outfits I've worn while traveling. The first two pics are from a family trip to BC, and the third is from a solo trip to the UK! 


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