Friday, October 30

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween friends! This year I'm wearing my Cassandra hoodie and pretending that's a costume. ;) Our Saturday sounds like it will be low key with candy, friends, board games and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to celebrate the holiday. Have a fun, safe weekend wherever you are!

Tuesday, October 13

Inktober 2015

So my new found Tumblr community brought a special event to my attention recently. This year, I'm participating in something called 'Inktober', where you spend some time each day for the month of October inking some art.

I had never heard of this event, but when I was younger a pencil or pen were my original preferred mediums. Granted, that was a long time ago, I know my digital art can only improve through practice with traditional mediums. I'm super rusty. Haha, super rusty. I have been having huge amounts of fun though! Not only have I taken it as a time to practice my drawing fundamentals, but I've been colouring each piece in photoshop which has been an excellent chance to experiment and practice colouring quickly and not worrying about perfection.

I thought I would share a few of my inktober drawings so far. Most of them are commissions through Tumblr of other peoples Dragon Age Inquisitors (nerd alert). It's been great fun to have a lot of different faces to draw and practice on. I am feeling kinda bad for the few portraits first as I feel I've already improved a lot.

If you would like to see more, they're over at my art blog on Tumblr, K Jewell Art.

 Not all Dragon Age characters, this is my friend Meagan who was nice enough to send me a quote and let me draw her face!


Friday, September 11

Man Inspired, Woman Perfected

I happen to be working with a lovely lady and fellow blogger, Meagan, who is one half of the team behind the blog "Flannel Foxes". Meagan has been a peach, she even took some outfit photos for me (which I still haven't gotten around to posting! Sheesh!) Her blog is based on taking mens wear looks, and recreating them for women -- tom boy style. It's a super cool venture and I love seeing how the ladies interpret the outfits.

They do a 'follower fridays' feature and Meagan asked if Nick and I would be interested in sharing an outfit. It was surprisingly easy to convince Nick to put on an identical outfit to mine and pose in the rain for these shots, and we even got a rainbow out of it! Consider this our one year wedding anniversary photo shoot. ;)

My outfit: GAP linen T, Winners button down, JCrew skinny jeans, GAP wool slip on shoes
Nick's outfit: Everlane T, American Apparel Jeans, Thrifted button down, Marks Work Warehouse shoes

Tuesday, August 18

Me 2 You

I wore this outfit on a particularly warm day a couple of weeks ago and felt pretty cool. I've owned this cardigan from anthropologie for years and have never really found a way to wear it that I thought looked right. I must be coming into my own as a hippy because since wearing it thrown casually over a T and denim shorts, I've been wearing it with pretty much everything! I had a head cold for a couple weeks (still feeling it actually) and wore it every day as my cozy (but not too warm) sick cardigan, pockets stuffed with tissue. TMI? Probably. Keeping it real. I got lots of compliments at least, which is nice when you're sick. 

I've been in an intensive two week course involving early mornings and -- egad -- homework,  but I think I'm just about at the home stretch. Wish me luck! 
T JCrew, Cardigan Anthropologie, shorts Winners

Monday, August 10


For our one year wedding anniversary Nick and I took in the adorable Hobbit themed pyramid at the Muttart Conservatory here in Edmonton. We visited the Muttart a couple of times when we were dating, and on one memorable date as we sat down for lunch at the Culina Cafe Nick pulled out my chair and a little old lady at the table next to us leaned over to exclaim that there are few gentlemen left in the world and I was lucky to have nabbed one! It was a special little memory that made returning to the Muttart and Culina's for our anniversary extra special!

Of course, it helps that I've been a giant Tolkien nerd since childhood. The hobbit hole was done by Axis Mundi Artistry (whose work I've admired for years and occasionally had the pleasure of purchasing), and they did a beautiful job!

As for having passed our first marriage milestone of one year, I'll say that I am ever more in love with my husband, and even though we're facing some difficult times personally, our marriage will only be strengthened by facing these challenges together. I've truly lucked out by finding one of the most understanding, affectionate, and loveable men out there!

JCrew dress, Minnetonka moccasins

Wednesday, August 5

Lola at the Cabin

Guess what today is? It's my pup Lola's second birthday. Girl is all grown up! She's such a sweet, well behaved pup. We still haven't managed to train the whole don't jump up on people thing. When she hears my mums voice she goes crazy and has been known to leap from the ground to eye level. She's super good with Tommy, our cat, and even though she would prefer to be out playing fetch, she doesn't mind an afternoon spent curled in bed. Last year she only got to visit my parents cabin once,  we didn't stay over night, and she was tied to a tether, but this year her recall has improved enough that we thought she could enjoy the cabin and the mostly wild terrain off leash. She behaved wonderfully, and really enjoyed it!

That's where these pictures were taken! It was rainy on the first day, but by the time the second day arrived it had cleared up considerably. Of course Lola didn't mind the rain one bit, she loved running the trails and smelling all the wild smells. She took several rain baths and was so tired and damp she even let me wrap her up in a blanket to keep her warm while she snoozed. On the second day she spent most of the time cuddling with Nick. We love our girl!

Thursday, July 30

Nerd Haul - Biowares Greatest Gift

It's hoodies -- Biowares greatest gift is hoodies. I don't know who is responsible for coming up with their merch, but whoever it is, they're geniuses. Whenever they come out with a new design I am falling over myself wanting to buy it. I'm beginning to amass a small collection of Bioware hoodies and Nick was an awesome husband and got me the Cassandra Armor Hoodie for my birthday in June. It's a little bit extra nerdy with it's armor shoulder details, but I'm kinda in love with it. Can't wait for fall when it's cool enough outside to wear it!

I bought Nick and I matching modern Inquisitor hoodies around the same time (THERE WAS A SALE OK) and Nicks been rocking his lately. Here he is giving a model pose:

I think we know where it's at.

Friday, June 19

Polka Dots Are my Jam

I don't know what it is about polka dots.

My mum was always a lover of polka dots, she had several polka dot ensembles so perhaps I inherited my fondness from her. There's something both whimsical and demure about a polka dot print.

I had a jersey, faux wrap polka dot dress in my wardrobe for a very long time -- it was probably the single piece of clothing that I wore for the longest period. It eventually wore itself right out, the polka dots rubbed completely off the back of the dress. I kept it under my bed with my too small clothes for an extra year, but recently went through everything and tossed it. Of course, when I saw this dress at Sears I thought it would be a perfect replacement.

Here's to another ten years of polka dots.

Boots from Modcloth, Dress Sears, bag old, jacket Reitmans, necklace from the muttart conservatory

Wednesday, June 3

Remember to Art

Where I have I been lately you may ask?

I've been busy arting! And reading... and of course playing video games.

My first digital painting!
Growing up, I had two equal passions. Writing, and art. I sketched and painted, and I filled notebooks with scratchy, rounded cursive in black ink. In high school, I focused on both of these pursuits equally, completing my own art show through my international baccalaureate art class. Time came to apply to universities, and I made the decision that writing would probably be more lucrative then art. It's worked out very well for me, I've been lucky to be employed as a writer since leaving university four years ago. Sadly, full time university, and then a full time writing career meant that I didn't have much time for art and the hobby gradually fell by the wayside.

Apparently -- nerdiness, creativity, and fandom seem to be intricately linked for me.

It's funny, I haven't loved anything as wholly and completely as I am loving Dragon Age Inquisition since I was a teenager, and being immersed in a fandom again led me to the 'normal' fan activities -- fan fiction of course, and fan art.

In the last three or so months I have shunned my usual social media: pinterest, facebook, and instagram,  in favor of Tumblr. I have stopped reading Gawker and the newspaper and started reading books instead. And I've started feeling something I honestly haven't felt since before I started University -- creative.

I've written a short story, started a novel, read four books, and completed three paintings. I attended a writing conference, and I bought a new laptop to hook up to my art tablet. Unplugging from many of the time sucks on the internet has allowed me to make more time for creativity and it's been great!

A portrait of one of my original D&D characters

I fully intend to continue blogging here of course, Light a Candle is the story of my life and I consider it a documentation of what's going on at any given time -- but posting will likely remain infrequent as I continue to devote every spare minute I can to digital painting and writing. I wanna get good guys, really good, and that drive has been sadly lacking from my life for too long.

If you want to hear from me more often, you can check out one of my three Tumblr blogs:

My personal Tumblr (mostly Dragon Age Fandom), my writing Tumblr, and my art Tumblr.

I do have a couple of personal updates and outfits in store for the next couple months, and I'm considering writing some book reviews to compliment my renewed interest in reading.

Till next time friends!

Monday, May 4

The Muttart Conservatory

 The Muttart Conservatory is a pilgrimage worth making every year. In fact, I would say I don't go often enough. Something about winter in Edmonton leaves you longing for sunlight and colour and the Muttart is a beacon of both nestled right in our the river valley. It really feels like recharging your batteries to spend some time amid the different biomes and remembering that, ah yes, winter ends. 

 These days we are beginning to see new growth outside for real, but I took these photos during a visit in April and although the snow was melted, Edmonton was still looking pretty brown.
Oddly enough, some of my favorite photos are of the little cactus's and succulents! Just a touch of green and a blossom of orange to brighten your day.

T: Jcrew, Skirt: Old Navy, Boots and scarf: Modcloth

 Happy Spring my friends! The days are lengthening and the sun is shining. Looking forward to all the joys summer brings!